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No Drip Perfect Pour Olive Oil Dispenser With Glass Bottle Measuring Base

No Drip Perfect Pour Olive Oil Dispenser With Glass Bottle Measuring Base

$ 17.99
Olive Oil Dispenser

  • NO DRIP POURING - Our olive oil dispenser features an ingenious gravity-enforced weighted top and cleverly designed spout to ensure that no oil will EVER dribble out of the bottle, no matter how hard you try. You will enjoy a perfect pour every time, and keep your counter tops clean!
  • CONTROLED POUR WITH MEASURING SYSTEM- When pouring oil directly from a bottle, it's often easy to overdo it with little regard as to how much is being used. The glass bottle of our dispenser is clearly labeled with measurements and provides a slow, steady pour enabling you to use less oil - better for your wallet and your health!
  • SAVE COUNTER SPACE - Put those large bulk sized bottles of oil in storage, and keep this compact dispenser with a stylish, slim profile on your counter. It will de-clutter your counter space, and it looks fabulous in every kitchen! SAVE TIME BETWEEN RE-FILLS- Holds a surprising amount of oil for such a small looking bottle - Approximately 12 OZ!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WONDER PRODUCT- You can use our dispenser for any kitchen liquid or oil, so it's perfect for storing, pouring and measuring anything from vinegar and salad dressing to peanut and grapeseed oil. If you can pour it, you can use it with this dispenser!
  • EASY TO CLEAN- The glass measuring base of the bottle is 100% dishwasher safe and easy to disassemble and clean by just unscrewing the top from the glass bottom. The plastic and stainless steel pouring top functions best with frequent hand washing between uses with soap and warm water. ATTRACTIVE & LONG LASTING CONSTRUCTION - Our bottle is meticulously constructed, made of solid strong glass that won't break easily. No buttons to push or parts to break. Our product should last forever!

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